Walking – age 4

Toddling TootzToddling Tootz is the follow on to Teeny Tootz and now babies are on their feet the little ones can definitely get the opportunity to express themselves through dance. With both adult and toddling toot dancing, it gives you special time to experience dance together.

Coordination, balance and rhythm are high on the agenda and you will really start to notice your little one become a right little groover. This class is designed to improve the skills learnt in Teeny Tootz and become a confident individual and successful learner. We can’t wait to meet you and boogie.

The wee ones get the opportunity to interact with each other as we take the register and get ready to start. Then we always begin our classes by saying a big hello!

We’ll always warm up with a dance and then get the instruments out to get your wee ones grooving along to the music.
Then it’s party time! The big lights will go out and our disco lights come on. The rest of the class is a mix of dancing with your wee one and lots of fun opportunities for you both to interact with various props and toys! All this while listening to current pop music and some old favourites!

Finally, a little time for everyone to calm back down after all the excitement and relax on the blankets with the disco lights and feathers before saying goodbye to all our new friends!

Your First Class >

A few tips for your first class with us..

  • Please wear clothes you can move in, as the classes are movement based we hope everyone will be shaking their booty by the end of their first class!
  • Don’t worry if you’ve got a wee one going through their terrible twos, a threenager or a feisty four year old, they are more than welcome to join us! These classes are for all little ones to be unapologetically themselves!
  • All trials must be booked in advance. If you are having any issues with our booking system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email, phone or facebook!
  • If something comes up, don’t panic! We understand your wee one isn’t always going to go along with your schedule! Just let us know, if we can help by rescheduling or transferring you to a different class, we will!

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy your class!