• Staff, children and parents should not attend classes if they are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms. A Fever (temp of 37.8 or more), persistent cough or loss of taste/smell. Temperatures will be taken on arrival. Usual illness symptoms also apply for absence, sickness or contagious condition.
  • Please arrive on time for class, there will be no area to wait inside the Hall so wait in your car or car park until you care called for class. All parents will be required to wear a face covering inside and moving around the building. Parents can then remove covering once in position on individual dance spot. Parents to exit the building via one way exit.
  • Please only bring into class what you need. Prams, if required will need to be left in hallway if possible. There will be limited space inside the hall.
  • Changing facilities are currently not available. Babies can be changed within the hall using your own mat, nappies, wipes etc. Please take any used nappies away with you.
  • Please sanitise hands on the way in and out of building
  • Each child will have an allocated spot inside of class. Teeny Tootz will stay on these spots with minimal movement. Toddling Tootz are required to stay as close to their own spot as possible. Parents please be aware of physical distancing from other adults.
  • We can currently only permit one adult per booked child. No visitors/partners/friends can attend. This will be reviewed as we usually welcome partners/grandparents/siblings to join us.
  • Each child will receive their very own Boogie Bag containing some of our most popular and well used props. These are yours to keep and should be cleaned between each class.
  • We will be providing some of our own props (easy clean ones) which will be cleaned between classes. We have bought extra (not so easy to clean) props so each class will have their own set. These will be cleaned after each week and also as we have all our classes running on the same day, they will then sit unused for longer than the recommended 72 hour period.
  • When the class ends we ask that parents can exit the building as promptly as possible to allow us to clean all high touch points and set up for the next class. We usually encourage a wee blether as its a great opportunity to meet other parents and meet new friends. Payment should be made via our online booking system or Bank transfer. Any cash payments should be made by putting correct payment into sealed named envelope. Payment for Boogie Tootz is required in advance to. Secure space.
  • Please be aware that details may be passed on to NHS track and trace if required. Please ensure details are correct on our booking system.

Most importantly lets have FUN!