Boogie Tootz Dance, Movement and Music classes

At Boogie Tootz we have created Dance, Movement and Music classes for little people and their adults.

Every time you dance with your little one, the balance sensors in their ears send messages to the brain about all the movements that they are experiencing. This system is vital for posture, balance and coordination. On top of that, dance improves and helps develop spacial awareness, rhythm, confidence, social skills, creativity, mood and musicality.

We have 3 classes available, Teeny Tootz for birth to pre-walking. Toddling Tootz for confident walkers and Tootz Family for the whole family to enjoy together.

So, twist, turn, shimmy and wiggle at our fun classes designed to stimulate your little Toot. It’s a sensory sensation that will help improve many areas of development.

We love the class and we are sure you will too!!